The Juno team is currently in discussions with potential licensees globally

We have run a Juno® Technology pilot plant since 2013 and are building a commercial-scale plant in Toledo, Oregon to process 100,000 tons of waste a year. This first commercial unit will start up in 2021 and our plan is to make the technology available globally.

Juno Pilot Facility

– Located in Savannah, GA

– Began operating in 2013

  • Six tons/day processing capability

– Runs on a campaign basis

– Processed hundreds of successful trials since 2013

– Processes waste from:

  • Fast food restaurants, office buildings, amusement parks, and airports

– Fiber successfully integrated into brown paper towel products

Juno Commercial Facility No. 1

– Located in Toledo, OR

– Integrated with GP Toledo containerboard mill, occupying ~2 acres of land, approximately 10 staff

– The first commercial unit will process 100,000 tons of waste/year from Northwest cities and counties

– All required permits have been issued and construction will be complete by the end of 2020

– Start-up is on track for early-2021

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